My name in (simplified) Chinese is 张霜剑 and in traditional Chinese is 張霜劍. Here, is one of the most common surnames in the world, shared by over 100 million people worldwide, meaning an archer, and 霜剑 refers to a sharp sword. For the meaning of the latter, one may refer to the poem The Swordsman (《剑客》) by the poet Jia Dao (贾岛) (779-843 AD) from Tang Dynasty.

I graduated from Shiing-Shen Chern (陳省身) class at Nankai University in 2012 with my Bachelor's degree. I obtained my Master's (in 2013) and Ph.D. degrees (in 2018) from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto. My Ph.D. advisor was Robert J. McCann. During the summer of 2018, I visited Professor Guillaume Carlier at MOKAPLAN, INRIA. Then, I worked with Professor Marco Cuturi as a Postdoctoral Fellow at CREST - ENSAE ParisTech (2018.09-2019.05) before I moved to ENS Paris and worked with Professor Gabriel Peyré at the Department of Mathematics and Applications (2019.06-2021.08). In early 2021, I postponed an offer of a tenure-track position at Fudan University due to the pandemic. Finally, I joined Fudan two years later, in the fall of 2023. Before that, I worked at the University of Waterloo with Professor David Saunders and Mario Ghossoub (2021.09-2023.08).

I love Chinese poetry and even wrote some when I was young. Here is a recent one commemorating the second reunion with my high-school friend in Toronto.



Written at 12:40 am on Oct. 27, 2019, in Toronto.